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Combo Bet

In the area of sports betting, a combo bet allows for the player to wager on several games and events on a single betting slip. The catch is that the ticket is only successful if all tips contained on the betting slip are correct. If only one of the events doesn’t turn out as expected, the whole wager will be lost permanently.

In general, a combo bet may only contain wagers on events from the same sports category. However, many bookmakers already allow for a combination of wagers on different sports categories as well.

Theoretically, whenever a betting slip contains two or more separate wagers, this is called a combo bet, although the maximum or minimum numbers of separate wagers on a single betting slip vary between different sports betting providers.

How to calculate the potential figure of a combo bet

Basically, the calculation of the potential winnings that may result from a successful combo bet follows a simple formula: The wager gets multiplied with all the lines of the ticket.

Calculation    Payout = wager * odds event 1 * odds event 2 * odds event 3 etc.

Tipbet Combi bonus example
Illustration: Options for Soccer Bets at Tipbet
Due to the nature of this calculation, a combo bet theoretically allows for higher figures than if bettors would resort to single bets exclusively. However, since the combo bet requires for each single tip to turn out exactly as predicted, the risk that comes with participating in this kind of sportsbook obviously is higher than with other types of bets.
Thus, combo bets are a popular method of sports betting especially for experienced bettors and those who enjoy walking the line. In Germany, a popular and well known type of combo bet is known as soccer toto. Here, bettors can combine up to 13 wagers for different soccer games on a single betting slip.