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Draw No Bet

A 'draw no bet' is a type of sportsbook where the possibility of a draw is eliminated. For example, a bettor can opt for victory or defeat, and if the game still ends with a tie, the bet will be declared invalid and the wager will be returned. Although this type of bet is very popular especially in Scandinavia and Great Britain, German bookmakers usually don't contain it in their betting portfolios.

How this type of bet is denominated at different sports betting providers

There may be minor differences in the ways that this type of sportsbook is presented at different sports betting providers, so customers might need to do a little research in order to find the correct option.
Draw no bet example
Top image bet365: Example of a „draw no bet“. Here, lines are available for soccer games in the conventional two-way style. If the game ends with a tie, then the bettor will receive his wager back.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the draw-no bet

A clear advantage of the draw-no bet is the reduction of the risk for the bettor if he opted for a victory of either competitor but the game ends with a draw. The decreased risk obviously comes with a downside as well, as the lines provided for this betting option usually are less tempting than if the bettor went for the conventional three-way bet. This can be exemplified on behalf of a match between Arsenal London and Aston Villa in the British Premier League, where a popular British bookmaker offers the following odds:

1) Victory of the home team: 1,36

2) Victory of the away team: 8,00

3) Draw: 5,0

Now, if the third option is eliminated, the potential figure for the victory of the away team gets reduced to 6,0 by the bookmaker in order to make up for the reduced risk of the bettor. Consequently, the lines for a victory of the home team are reduced as well, although to a lesser extent (from 1,36 to 1,12).