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First Goal Bet

Basically, soccer is very simple: Whoever scores more goals, usually leaves the pitch as a winner. However, many sports betting fans like to wager on more complex situations or questions than who wins the game, e.g. on the team who scores the very first goal at all. For this type of sportsbook, many things need to be taken into consideration if the outcome is supposed to be successful.

Of course the primary concern for this type of bet is the general quality of the competing teams. If, for example, Bayern Munich plays against Borussia Dortmund on a national gameday of the German Bundesliga, then first of all the general odds will be quite leveled. Secondly, it is safe to assume that for this very competition, the odds on who scores the first goal might be slightly in favor of Bayern Munich. With weaker competitors, odds will consequently drop with regards to Bayern Munich scoring the first goal.


The more obvious it is that a certain team can be described as the favorite team, the less appealing the odds are that bookmakerss offer for a victory of the chalk. On the contrary, less popular teams regularly provide for odds way above average when scheduled against nominally stronger teams, and thus allow for even higher payouts in case the underdog actually wins.


It is strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions of the respective bookmaker before placing a first goal bet, as online bookmakers policies differ greatly from each other with regards to a draw without goals as the final score. Some bookmakers regard this score as a lost bet, while others at least refund the deposit or declare the bet invalid.


Those sports betting fans who want to spice it up a notch can even wager on the player who will score the first goal. With an increased risk comes the outlook on higher figures, since there are 22 players on the field, each of whom possibly is the one to score the first goal. Obviously, odds also depend on the respective positions of the players on the pitch. Thus, the odds on a forward or winger to score the first goal will be lower than those for a defensive back, let alone a goalkeeper.

Draw no bet example
Top image: example of odds for a first goal bet. This is an example of the odds provided for the game between Spain and Uruguay at the Confederations Cup in 2013. With this particular example, the respective bookmaker not only offers to wager on the player to score the first goal, but also on the player to score the very last goal of the game. The scope of this type of bet is extended by the option to wager on the very moment that a player scores, which is independent from the fact whether this is the first or last goal of the game.

Let's resort to our previous example of Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund again, this time with regards to the 2012/2013 championship in Germany. A wager on Manuel Neuer as the player who will score the first goal would indeed have allowed for extraordinary figures due to the high odds, but this scenario was very unlikely to happen after all. On the other hand, wagering on Bayern Munich's forward Mario Mandzukic to score the first goal would have been less lucrative, because the odds for this event didn't allow for high figures at all.


A close look at the gambling rules is very important


Particularly for special betting options like this, bookmakers usually offer detailed explanations on how payouts are validated. Hence, to prevent misunderstandings, it is strongly recommended to read through the specific details on the section about first goal bets. An example of this is when the first goal at all is an own goal. Even if a player of Bayern Munich scored the goal, it is nevertheless credited to Borussia Dortmund, so consequently a player of Dortmund will be awarded the title of the team who scored first. However, usually own goals don't count with regards to betting selections which were placed on a particular player, or they are treated neutrally. Yet, it is also possible that wagers on the first scorer of a goal will be lost if it was an own goal. Again, a close look at the rules and regulations will serve to prevent misunderstandings.

Draw no bet example
Top image bet365: Special type of the goal bet for the Champions League finals of 2013. Here, the offer is that if one team scores first, but the other team actually wins the competition, then this bookmaker offers a cashback in return.
Many bookmakers also offer a combination of goal and scorer bets. For example, a bettor could wager on the fact that a certain player scores the first goal and also wager on the selection that the team wins the game 3 to 1. This combination is often referred to as scorecast bet, and is very popular particularly with British sports betting providers.