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Goal Bet

This type of bet offers bettors the opportunity to wager on the possibility that a goal or point will be scored. Obviously, many different variants of this type of bet are available, although basically this sportsbook is always about if, when and how many goals will be scored.


Betting the Final Result


This is the most conventional type of goal bet. Here, bettors wager on the exact final score of a game or sporting competition. Usually, bookmakers offer various final scores, each with a respective line that resembles the possibility that this score will actually be the final result. As this type of prediction is very uncertain and thus comes with a great risk for the bettor, sports betting fans usually find very appealing odds here.


Betting the Number of Goals to be scored


This type of bet is based on the question of how many goals will be scored in a certain game, regardless of which team is actually responsible for achieving the limit. Besides betting the actual number of goals (0 – 2, 1, 3 or more …) many bookmakers also offer the over/under option for this kind of bet. Here, bettors are required to wager on the possibility if a certain number of goals will be exceeded or not. If a bookmaker offers an over/under bet of 2,5 for a certain game, this means that if 0, 1 or 2 goals are scored, then the bet is won if the bettor chose the under option. If more than 2 goals are scored, the bet is successful only if the over option was selected.

As only two possible outcomes are related to this type of bet, odds resemble the lack of risk for the bettor and thus are not always tempting to sports betting fans.


Betting the moment that a goal will be scored


For this variant, bettors can wager either on the exact moment or on a timespan in which a goal will be scored. An example for this type of bet may look as follows:

- Will a goal be scored within the first 5 minutes of a game?

- Will a goal be scored between the 10th and 25th minute of the game?

- Will there be a goal in the first half?

Image above: Tipbet odds in the live betting section

Betting the player to score a goal


Sports betting fans who are not only certain that a goal will be scored, but are also confident to predict which player will score it may engage in this type of bet. Usually, bookmakers offer betting options on the question of which player or which team will score first.

Sports betting fans are well advised to check out the rules and regulations for this kind of bet with their respective bookmaker. A frequent problem occurs when a bettor selects a player for this bet who eventually won't even be on the pitch for whatever reasons. Often times, bookmakers simply declare the bet invalid and return the wager. However, some sports betting providers may also opt for bad luck and keep the wager.

Many sports betting fans combine various options with this sportsbook, such as combo bets or in-play bets. Thus, especially with regards to possible combinations, some bookmakers offer an almost unlimited supply of goal bets for their customers. These betting types obviously aren't restricted to soccer games, as many other sports categories provide for the necessary foundation to engage in this kind of sportsbook as well, such as tennis, ice hockey, basketball and many more.