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Half Time Bet

Generally, most sports categories that imply the use of a ball are divided into separate divisions. With regards to soccer, this means that a game is divided in two parts,

ice-hockey games are divided into thirds, basketball games in quarters etc.

Based on this set-up, bookmakers have adapted their portfolios in order to meet the demands of an ever growing number of sports betting fans who wanted to be able to place a bet with regards to a predefined period of a game exclusively.

The conventional half time bet

As the name implies, this type of bet is about the half time score. For soccer, this means that bettors must predict the exact score after the first 45 minutes (plus extra time) are over. Statistically, most goals in soccer competitions are scored in the second half. Consequently, bookmakers offer extremely appealing lines especially for placing a bet on the first half of a game. Odds for a half time draw, however, are usually lower than those for a tie after 90 minutes. Besides the conventional three-way bet on the half time score (victory team 1, draw, victory team 2), many bookmakers also offer the opportunity to bet the exact half time score.

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Option 1: Who wins the second half?

Without regards for anything that happened previously, this variant of the half time bet requires bettors to predict the winner of the second half, the last third, or the last quarter, etc. of a game. Again, the conventional three-way bet is the basis for this type of bet, where any previous developments or scores are completely irrelevant. 


Option 2: How many goals or points will be scored in a certain period of a competition?

Here two possible betting options are available. Bettors can either bet the exact number of goals or points to be scored within a predefined period of a game. Alternatively, they can also place a bet on the prediction that a certain, predefined threshold of goals or points will be exceeded.

This type of bet is often referred to as over/under bet. For example, bettors could place a bet on the prediction that more than 2,5 goals will be scored in the second half. Hence, if three goals are scored, the bet is lost.


Option 3: In what period of the game will the most goals/ points be scored?

Here, a comparison between the different periods of a game leads to the placement of a bet on the prediction when the action will hit the peak. Of course a draw is a legitimate option as well.

Apart from the fact that these types of bets are usually to be placed before the start of a game, many bookmakers also offer them for real time sports betting, too. Here, bettors can rely on the information of the game time that has already passed and use this knowledge to make a prediction about the immediate progression of the game.

Usually, many bookmakers offer an extensive variety of half time betting opportunities and options to their customers, especially with regards to the major soccer competitions and championships.