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Head-to-Head bet

Head-to-Head bets, usually abbreviated with H2H, originate from horse racing and describe a head to head duel between two opponents. This type of bet requires the player to predict the winner of a duel. Apart from horse racing, this sportsboook is also available for soccer, Formula 1 and various winter sports categories. Although there are huge differences between these catagories, in the end it is always a question of who will be the winner of a heads up duel, whether with regards to goals scored, points won or time of crossing the finishing line.

The overall result or score of a competition doesn't matter

The overall result is not important for head-to-head bets, it doesn't even matter whether the two main protagonists belong to the same team, country or if there are any other similarities between them. With head-to-head bets, it's all about the direct confrontation of two opponents. 
Hence, this type of sportsbook is popular not only for single competitions, but also for longer periods of time, e.g. over the course of a whole championship season in soccer, or between two tennis players during the course of a Grand Slam tournament etc. Another example would be a future or longtime bet in soccer, where the bettor can wager on the team that will be placed up front at the end of the season.

Further Examples for head-to-head bets

Formula 1: Vettel or Alonso – which of the two drivers achieves a better position at the Grand Prix of Budapest?
Fussball: Aubameyang or Lewandowski – which player will have scored more goals at the end of the season?
Tennis: Federer or Nadal – who will be the first to drop out of the French Open?
Since the number of possible outcomes is always limited to two with head-to-head bets, the risk as well as the potential figure can be calculated easily, as the nature of this betting type prescribes a 50:50 split without regards for odds and feasibility.