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Multi-Way Bet



This type of sportsbook is best suited for those bettors who have a hard time to make up their mind, as they are able to place wagers for different outcomes of the same event.
Obviously, this only makes sense with regards to three-way betting options for soccer, ice-hockey and the like, since two-way betting options would lead to significant losses for the bookmaker in the long run.

Example for a multi-way bet

Victory Spain:  2,10
Draw Spain vs. Germany: 3,40
Victory Germany: 3,20
If a bettor is certain that Spain will not win the game, then he may opt for placing a wager on a draw and also on the victory of Germany. Consequently, this leads to a reduction of the general risk of the bet.
A total wager of 20 Euro would then be split equally between the two selected outcomes, meaning 10 Euro would be placed on a draw and 10 Euro on a victory of Germany.
The multi-way bet gets even more interesting when it is placed together with a combo bet, as this allows the bettor to extend his selection by even more possible outcomes.
In the following example, the bets placed on Brazil and Germany serve as so called locks. This means that these bets have to be won separately, otherwise the multi-way bet doesn't qualify for payout. For the other match between Germany and Spain however, bettors place individual wagers on two possible outcomes. Only if the game ends with the third possible outcome will the multi-way bet be lost. If both locks are correct and Spain doesn't win over Germany, then the bet provides for a very appealing figure.

Example of a multi-way combo bet:

Combo Bet  1
→ Victory Brazil 1,50 (Lock 1)
→ Victory England 1,70 (Lock 2)
→ Draw Spain vs. Germany 3,40 (multi-way 1)
=  total odds: 8,67
Combo Bet 2
→ Victory Brazil 1,50 (Lock 1)
→ Victory England 1,70 (Lock 2)
→ Victory Germany 3,20 (multi-way 2)
= total odds: 8,17
Consequently, the wager would double with regards to the reduction of risk and the increase in odds since they are accumulated. So for a total wager of 20 Euro, bettors would have placed 10 Euro on each combo bet.