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Scorer Bet

Apart from the standard betting options of win, draw or loss, betting on players who might score a goal is a very popular variant of sportsbetting as well. Here, bettors may wager on the number of goals to be scored, on the way the goals will be scored, on the person to score the goal and even on the exact moment that a goal will be scored.
The scope of betting options is very extensive with this type of sportsbook. A common variant for this type of bet is the selection of the player to score the very first goal of a game. Another highly popular alternative is the total number of goals to be scored. Bettors may further specify their wager with regards to half time or final scores. 
Score bet example
Top image: An exotic way of betting the scorer: Some bookmakers offer the opportunity to place a bet on the number of goals that a certain player will score over the course of a whole season. Obviously, the wager must be placed before the season officially begins.

Over/Under bets


This is a very popular variant, where bettors wager on the possibility that a certain number of goals or points may be exceeded or not. An over/under bet may look like this: a bookmaker provides a betting opportunity for a soccer game and sets a limit of over/under 2,5 goals. This means the bettor must wager on the possibilitiy that within this game, either more or less than 2,5 goals will be scored (0 – 2 goals = under, 3 - ? goals = over).
Score bet example
Top image: an example of an over/under betting opportunity for a soccer game offered by a popular British bookmaker. In this example, the wager must be placed with regards to the number of goals to be scored.

Over/under bets are displayed with decimal numbers for clarity reasons. All bookmakers use this method of display, as it helps bettors to understand the respective limits. In the example mentioned before, a limit of 2,5 goals clearly shows that each number of goals below 2,5 (0,1,2) belongs to the „under“ category, and any number of goals above 2,5 (3 goals and more) belongs to the „over“ category. 

This type of bet may be extended as the bettor sees fit, and may even be placed independently for each half time.


Many Betting Variants


Another popular variant of the over/under bet can be placed with regards to the question whether the total number of goals to be scored within a game will be even or odd. Additional variants of the over/under sportsbook are:

- Will a team score at all?

- Will a certain player score and if so, does he score more or less than ... goals?

- During what period of the game will a goal will be scored (sooner or later than … minute?)

- Some bookmakers even offer to wager on the cumulated number of minutes that passed before a goal was scored.