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Straight Bet

The straight bet is one of the simplest types of sportsbooks. Here bookmakers offer the opportunity to place a bet on a single event, such as the final score of a soccer game. This type of sportsbook is popular especially with newcomers in the field of sports betting.
If there are only 2 possible outcomes (victory of team 1 or team 2) then this bet is called a two-way-bet. If there are three possible outcomes (possibility of a tie included) then it's called a three-way bet.
One of the most popular options of single bets is the so called live bet, as this offers the opportunity to wager on a certain event while it is actually running. For example, if the score of a game is 0:0 and there are only 20 minutes to go, it would be possible to place a live bet with a wager on a draw as final result.
On the other end of the scale of single bet options, there are long term bets or futures. Here, over the span of a predefined period of time, customers can place a bet on the outcome of a development, such as the winner of a championship or national league competition.

How the Figure is calculated for Single Bets

To calculate the possible winnings of a successful single bet, the wager must be multiplied with the respective odds: wager * odds = figure
If a customer wagers 10 Euro on a team with odds of 1,90, the customer will receive a payout of 19 Euro in case the bet is successful. When dealing with decimal quotas, the winnings are usually referred to as profit, which means that the initial deposit must be subtracted from the final payout. In the above mentioned example, this would mean that a net profit of 9 Euro was achieved.

Fractional Quotas always show the Net Profit

The system is a little bit different with fractional quotas, also called UK quotas, as they are used in Great Britain and Ireland primarily. These quotas obviously show the net profits directly.
If an event has 3/2 odds and the player wagers 50 Euro, this means that if the bet is won, 75 Euro will be paid out. Another way to express this by resorting to units can be described as follows: If the player wagers 2 units, the profit amounts to one unit in case the bet is successful.
General Calculation
Wager * (Result of the Fractional odd) = Profit
Calculation for fractional odds (3/2)
Wager * (3:2) = Profit
The most prominent advantage of straight bets certainly is their simple structure and the minimized risk, especially when compared to more advanced betting types like combinational or systemic sportsbooks.