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Supertoto Bets

This type of bet is popular in German speaking countries, where many stationary betting shops promote their offers with regards to betting Supertoto.

Supertoto belongs to the so called pool-sportsbooks, where bookmakers issue betting slips that already contain a predefined collection of betting events. For example, soccer toto usually contains a selection of games from European leagues and competitions. The goal of a toto sportsbook consequently is to hit as many positive results out of the collection as possible. Generally, toto sportsbooks operate on the basis of the conventional three-way bet. The wagers for a toto bet are calculated with regards to betting rows or single bets respectively. The usual price for a single bet on a toto betting slip is 10 Eurocents. This means that for a conventional toto betting slip with 12 games, one row is equal to a 12 game combinational bet with a wager of 10 Eurocents for each game. The sum of all rows gets multiplied with the wager for each row and thus makes up the total wager for the toto bet.

Usually, bookmakers issue a new toto slip each week with regards to national leagues. The frequency may increase with the availability of additional sporting events and competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League or World Cups. Sometimes bookmakers even issue a separate toto round for these pan European or worldwide competitions exclusively.

Supertoto bet example
Top image: An example of a toto betting slip that has already been evaluated by the bookmaker. Before the deadline expires, bettors may wager on the predefined selection of 12 different games. The collective wagers of all participiants make up the payout pool, which will then be splitted between those bettors who predicted the most games correctly.

The general rule for all betting slips is that all the wagers must be placed consecutively, as a deadline is common for toto sportsbooks. Often times, bookmakers even grant an early bird special to those bettors who turn in their selections as soon as possible. This means that bookmakers either offer a separate bonus on the wager or allow for a return of a part of the wager in case the toto bet is lost.

For example, the bookmaker Interwetten offers a 10% discount on its Supertoto 14 slip if the selection is turned in by Wednesday, although the deadline for latest turn in usually is Saturday. Generally, the Austrian bookmaker offers an extensive supply of Supertoto bets, which ranges from soccer (Supertoto XL or Superscore) to tennis.


A special variant of supertoto is hedging. As the basic principle of pool gambling is the prediction of a result of any kind of competition, hedging can be used to increase the winning prospects or at least secure the already fixed selection. Basically, hedging means that a bettor places several wagers on the same event, but with different outcomes for each wager.

Hedging can be divided into half hedging and full hedging. If a bettor chooses to wager on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes, it's called a half hedge. This is similar to the conventional double-chance bet.

If a bettor selects all three possible outcomes, it's a full hedge. The latter option will definitely qualify for a payout, however, sports betting fans must take into consideration that full hedges usually incur extensive costs.

For a half-hedge, the betting costs are calculated on behalf of the betting rows and thus multiplied with 2. If a bettor chooses to equip more than one game of a betting slip with a hedge, then all these games are to be multiplied with each other and then with the wager for each row. A supertoto slip that contains two games which are modified with a full hedge costs 90 Eurocent (3 x 3 x 10 Cent)

Calculating the winnings without regards for odds

Calculation of the potential winnings for a supertoto sportsbook can get quite confusing, especially when hedges are involved as well, as there are no fixed odds for supertoto bets and all the wagers are accumulated before being split up again amongst the winners for payout.

Thus, payout for a successful betting slip depends on the following factors:

- the number of correct predictions

- the sum of the pool of wagers

- the number of bettors who have the same amount of correct predictions

Bookmakers usually make most of this information publicly available beforehand, so that bettors have a decent chance to estimate what kind of wagers and selections were placed already, before they turn in their personal betting slip.

Nevertheless, it is almost impossible for bookmakers to provide the exact figure beforehand. Yet, supertoto is a popular betting option especially for soccer games, as bettors with a limited sports betting experience are indeed able to generate high winnings with small wagers.