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Win Bet

This certainly is the most common type of sportsbook. Here bettors place wagers on the potential winner of a sports event, race or competition. The bet will be successful only if the selected contestant actually wins the game. In any other case, the wager will be lost completely.
Although this type of bet seems really simple, it does certainly bear an enormous risk especially for inexperienced sports betting fans, as it offers very appealing odds on the one hand, but contains a high risk of losing on the other hand as well, since the outcome of a competition is very hard to predict.
Thus, especially beginners in sports betting should resort to placement bets, if the desired competition is made up of teams or contestants that can't be separated  clearly into underdogs and favorites.
In horse racing competitions, win bets can be extended by various complements. For example, the distance handicap can be applied here, which is an almost identical twin of the common handicap bet, only with regards to the very nature of horse racing, as a handicap in this area can be applied with regards to distance rather than to points or goals. Thus, for horse racing, a handicap bet simply means that the selected contestant must not only finish the race, but has to do so with a predefined heads up distance from its follower. Obviously the necessary heads up distance is set up by the bookmaker before the race starts.
Handicap win bets are usually applied to horse racing competitions with a clear favorite, because this allows bookmakers to level the field and provide more appealing odds for the other contestants.
Win  bet example
Example for Win Bets in Soccer at Tipbet

Win Bets for other sports categories

Of course, the win bet is not available for horse racing exclusively. Actually, most available sportsbooks are win bets to some extent, regardless of whether they are placed on the winner of a motorbike or Formula 1 race, or on the winner of a skiing contest, of a golf tournament or even with regards to a political run for any kind of public office.

Thus, not only the question of who will win the next Grand Prix of Monaco or who will win the Americas Cup are to be regarded as win bets, but also futures like the question of who is going to win the German national soccer championship are to be considered part of this category of sportsbooks.