If you want to generate a really good profit with sports betting, you cannot ignore eSports any longer. In South Korea esports is a kind of national sport and the programmers are hailed as heroes. If you are one of those players who is already experienced in betting on soccer, tennis, basketball or ice hockey, eSports might be a good choice for you to maximize your winnings. But even if you have never bet before, eSports can give you a very positive first betting experience and an opportunity to learn about online betting whilst improving your knowledge very quickly.

We provide you with a small overview and a few tips how to start.

Whilst many will have grown up in a time when online gaming was still not common, for others the birth of eSports happened right in front of your eyes.

 eSports yesterday

Did you ever play the Arcarder games in the 70th? If so you will know about Pacman, Pong, Tetris or Space Invaders. The scores were saved in high score lists. The first Arcarder World Championship took place in 1984.

Then, in the 1990s, Super Nintendo and SEGA became very famous and the players, most of them Americans, celebrated World Championship for both of the consoles.

A truly big break happened shortly after that, when the LAN cable came up. By linking a local area network the era of LAN parties started and many people began taking part.

We got more used to the internet and enjoyed the new comfort and fun. We were able to connect with people all over the world and can now play online games.

The first online league was founded and nowadays more of programmer teams, called clans, are coming.

eSports today

As you can see e sports did not come phoenix-like, and is not a one-hit wonder, but increased rapidly and steadily.

Experienced bookmakers saw the respectable progress of eSports and of course Tipbet did not want you to miss out the chance to reap profits whilst betting and enjoy the thrill of the games to the full. Beside the classical sports, Tipbet took esports into the wide assortment of betting facilities in order to provide you with the best odds and entertainment. Tipbet also offers you a specific esports bonus, a real boost for your personal eSports success story.

 How to make profit with eSports?

You have different ways to earn some extra cash with your favourite eSports games.

The first one: become a professional gamer! You will need time and discipline to do that, but you might be hired by a professional team and start a great career with your hobby.

The second one: bet on eSports! If you learn as much as possible about your game, the teams and the tournaments, you can even beat the bookmaker and maximize your winnings. Keep yourself updated by watching your favourite teams and all related news carefully. You can play the game online and battle with programmers. That will give you a feeling about the game rules and the professionals’ specific game strategies.

eSports – which game should I choose?

That question is easy to answer. Just pick the game that you prefer. Tipbet presents you four fascinating esport games alongside sporting odds and different attractive betting options.  The pick of the bunch is probably the unbeatable bonus offer. If you don´t know which of the following games is your favourite, the bonus can help you to test all of them! Which one is your personal game of luck?

 League of Legends (LoL)

Two teams of champions are trying to destroy the opposing team´s Nexus, which is the champion´s base. The three or five champions in every team have completely different styles and abilities.  First of all, they have to gain strength and unlock their abilities by achieving levels. They can earn gold to buy useful items and also have to destroy dangerous enemies like minions and monsters. The gamers have to show a high level of strategic thinking and they also need to coordinate the whole team in order to win the battle. There are numerous championships and tournaments worldwide. With Tipbet you can enjoy the best odds and reward your game knowledge with considerable winnings.

Defence of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2)

This complex strategy game is full of action and consists of more than 100 heroes. Five of them in each of the two teams; each hero with unique skills and abilities, fight to destroy the opposing HQ (Ancient), but they also meet Creeps and other enemies. The hero can earn gold, which is very helpful for buying useful objects. The lane on every map is dangerous and every game is an exceptional experience. You can enjoy the game and Tipbet ensures competitive odds.

Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The players in this first-person shooter multiplayer game are in teams of Terrorists and the opposing Counter Terrorists. Based on their performance, they earn money for weapons and even a firebomb and other equipment like cosmetics. There are also music kits for the best entertainment.  The characters have to kill the enemy. In 2015, this game won the Game of the Year award. There are multiple events and tournaments that you can enjoy with Tipbet´s esports betting.

Starcraft 2 (SC2)

This strategy game is played in real time mode. The players have control over a battlefield and full control over an army in a science-fiction environment.  Of course, there is a battle between the armies. So the gamers have to care about everything. Resources, buildings, workers and much more before they are strong enough to attack the base of the enemy and destroy it. SC2 is a very complex game which is developed and predestinated for the esports. Don´t miss Tipbet´s odds and this thrilling game!