No player is bigger than a club like Real Madrid - and that includes Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward was surprisingly substituted by coach Zinedine Zidane at Las Palmas and muttered to himself in annoyance as he trudged off the pitch. But he needs to understand that the team comes first.Some of the stars expressed their disapproval at Ronaldo, saying that when he wins, it's all about him, but when they lose, the other players are at fault.

Many players in the heated exchange also demanded a greater defensive commitment from the whole team.

But captain Sergio Ramos was quick to defend team-mate Ronaldo. 'Here we all have to defend and run', Ramos said.

'The only one who does not have to run is Cristiano because he gets 60 goals.' 

Ronaldo is no fool. He knows that a camera has been trained on him to capture every facial twitch throughout his six seasons at Real Madrid and yet he could not contain his annoyance, even though - when you look at the stats this season - Bale is no serious threat to Ronaldo's pre-eminence in the Spanish capital.


Benzema has had plenty of success during his time in Spain, though he believes his accomplishments have been overshadowed by Ronaldo. However, he has no issue with that, and says he and the Portuguese have a good relationship.

“At Real, I score, but when the guy who is next to you scores 50 per season (you can not do anything),” Benzema told