“It begins”. The new season of the new Premier League season begins, but it was also the hashtag that greeted Pep Guardiola´s unveiling as Manchester City boss. But what exactly is beginning? At City, it is a new era, a new bade and a new philosophy. A lot of money have been paid for new stars but on a wilder scale it could be the start of a new dominance of the Premier League, as the best league in the world. When it comes to Managers, the elite of football bosses are now coming to England. Guardiola, Mourinho, Conte, Klopp, Wenger and the Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri.

But why is this bonanza of managerial talent just so important? Because great players follow great managers. This year Manchester City´s new striker Nolito is claiming he turned down Barcelona for the chance to work with Guardiola. Pep Guardiola is new to the Premier League but in a way we all are. In 50 years´ time, football historians may talk of a pre-and-post Leicester era, for nothing is now certain. Surprises, success and failure cycles, changes, are what makes sport fascinating. We the fans, were waiting for a small team to break the elite Champions League cartel but thanks to Leicester, the dream is true. Including the likes of Everton and West Ham, nine clubs have legitimate top four hopes. At the risk of sounding like an expert, this could be the most interesting, drama packed Premier League season ever. Enjoy the new season 2016/2017 with Tipbet and benefit from a welcome bonus of up to 200% and don’t forget to place the season bets.

The top favorite is Manchester City with odds are 3,10. For Manchester United with Mourinho as manager of the new players Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Baily and Mkhitaryan, the odds are 3,75.  For the London Clubs from Chelsea (6,00), Arsenal (6,25) and Tottenham (8,50) the odds are very interesting. The German coach Jurgen Klopp just said recently it is time to win the title, the odds are 8,25. The foxes from Leicester are much higher ranked this season and the odds for title no. 2, are 27,0.


Backstories and past rivalries bring that little bit extra to a contest. Guardiola has competition for the backpage from the returning Jose Mourinho, his old El Clasico combatant now at Manchester United. After last seasons´s disasterous meltdown it´s easy to forget that three of Mourinho´s five completed Premier League seasons have ended in titles. This summer he has signed with 4 top players – all before August. The rest of the Premier League have been warned: Manchester United wants the title.

The Special One´s former employers are perhaps quite grateful to Jose and Pep for taking the headlines. After Chelsea´s train wreck of a season, a relatively quiet pre-season will suit Antonio Conte perfectly. The Italian enhanced his reputation among British football fans at EURO 2016 but his managerial qualities were shining long before this. Conte embodies everything a great Italian manager is: tactically shrewd, a clever coach, a passionate motivator and occasionally combustible. His compatriot Ranieri fits also in this category. A very humble coach with lot of success with Leicester City.

Let the games begin! The Premier League 2016/2017 will be a great one.

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