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  • PROS: * Comprehensive betting supply
    * Decent odds
    * No betting tax for German customers
  • CONS: * No support hotline
    * Website and customer support not available in German
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138 Review Sports Betting
1. General Information
The sports betting experience review showed that the Asian bookmaker is an online based provider of sports betting services. operates with a British gambling license and is present on an international scale. The British gambling license serves to assure customers that the bookmaker meets all the required standards in terms of safety, reliability and with regards to providing a fair surrounding for sports betting activities, as was made evident during the sports betting test.
2. About Registration
The sports betting comparison showed that registering with the Asian bookmaker proved as simple and quick and is thus well suited even for beginners among sports betting fans. A minor deduction can be made with regards to the language of the application form, as it is available in English only, which, on the other hand, supports the international focus of the bookmaker. Consequently, new customers who are not fluent in English might need to rely on additional language support while filling out the registration form, which may in some cases be viewed as a minor disadvantage by some. Nevertheless, is definitely eager to make the registration process as simple as possible. This can be seen especially on behalf of the clear structure of the registration form, and thus even customers with a lack of distinct knowledge of the English language will definitely be able to fill out the form appropriately if they are willing to do so and are non-reluctant to look for help where needed.
3. About the Website
The sports betting test showed that the design and layout of the website of is clear and well structured. Those acquainted with the Asian culture might expect the website to be overwhelmingly packed with visual gimmicks and kitsch, but this is not the case at all. Instead, the Asian bookmaker clearly goes for functionality which definitely serves to increase the usability of the website. An example of this can be found with regards to the implementation of colour schemes. While other providers of sports betting services sometimes exaggerate their use of colors to the extent of making their website almost unbearable to look at, uses a very distinct and well thought approach to only use colors for highlighting menu bars and other relevant or important technical details. Fortunately, this aides users in the way that they don't need to roam around the site for some time or even need to start searching for their desired betting opportunities, as
every section is presented very clearly and can be accessed by the user with just a few clicks. Another bonus point was awarded during the sports betting comparison because the general layout and design of the page serves to ease the strain on the eyes of the users as they navigate around the website of
4. Betting Supply and Odds
Although is an Asian bookmaker, the sports betting test revealed that the betting portfolio does indeed suffice to suit the needs of international customers. An example of this can be found with regards to the highly popular Formula 1, where doesn't just offer its customers to wager on the winner of an event or the whole championship, but presents a very extensive range of additional betting opportunities with a large variety of special bets, as was shown in the sports betting comparison. The increasing popularity of e-Sports has been noticed by the Asian bookmaker as well, and hence the portfolio of betting options for this domain is very comprehensive, too, especially when compared to many other sports betting providers who operate on the European market. Nevertheless, soccer clearly poses as the most dominant sports category at this bookmaker.
Consequently, the sports betting test showed that European sports betting fans who like to wager on soccer games are well off at This doesn't only apply with regards to the quantity of betting opportunities, but also on behalf of the general number of betting options. is certainly able to compete against other providers in this respect. Apart from soccer, the Asian bookmaker features a large variety of betting opportunities for the financial domain, which can be seen clearly on behalf of the fact that a separate menu bar was implemented so that customers will have quick access to financial betting opportunities.
Finally, with regards to the odds offered by, the sports betting test revealed that the Asian bookmaker ranges almost on the same level as the current top provider in this domain, Net365. Thus, customers will find very appealing odds at, which might even serve as a decisive factor when torn between
opting for one bookmaker or another.
5. Live Betting
The live betting section was reviewed as comprehensive during the sports betting comparison. However, it is worth mentioning that the financial sector is a very dominant category in the live betting section. Nevertheless, the structure of the live betting center is clear and provides good usability, as quota changes are conducted soon enough for users to be able to take them into consideration for their wagers. Also the Asian bookmaker provides a decent visibility of all the necessary information for the players, as was shown in the sports betting test.
When compared to the general sports betting portfolio, the odds offered in the live section don't seem to diverge strongly from the general level of odds provided for conventional pre-match sportsbooks. Overall, the odds rank on a place in the midfield when put up against other competitors. The general verdict of the live betting section consequently is positive, as it didn't cause any technical or functional difficulties during the sports betting test.
6. Features and Tools
One of the most distinctive features that this Asian bookmaker offers its customers is the live display of changing odds in the live betting section. Where other providers mostly rely on visual and ironical presentation, such as arrows pointing upwards or downwards to resemble the general tendency, opts for displaying the changes on the basis of numerals to provide its users the best possible means of information. This obviously aides the user in terms of orientation. Another noteworthy feature is that German customers of are spared the mandatory betting tax of 5%.
7. Betting on Mobiles and Smart Devices
The Asian bookmaker is a spin-off of the popular sports betting provider Sungame and thus also offers its customers a native mobile app to wager on sports events while on the move. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the respective stores.
8.  Customer Service
As is an Asian provider of sports betting services, the customer support consequently is available in English only. Due to the extensive range of contact options for reaching out to the staff, however, this wasn't reviewed as a disadvantage during the sports betting test. Customers of can contact the staff via Email inquiry and through a live chat option which can be accessed on the website of the bookmaker.
9. Payment Methods
The minimum amount for deposits at is the equivalent of 10 British Pounds. The Asian bookmaker doesn't charge its customers any fees for deposits or withdrawals, no matter what kind of payment option was chosen. The only requirements that demands from its users is that cash out requests be processed via the same payment option as the prior deposit was conducted with. Of course customers of are given the opportunity to switch their preferred payment methods. However, in order to do so they must first contact the customer service to validate their request.
Once the identity of the user has been validated and accepted by the bookmaker, cash out requests are usually processed very quickly, as it takes between 1 and three working days until the money is credited to the bank account. Nevertheless, the list of available payment options available at is rather short, as customers can only opt for Visa and Master Card, Skrill by Moneybookers, Moneybookers and Neteller.
10. Bonus Offers offers new customers a welcome bonus of 50% or up to 50 British Pounds. To clear the bonus, users must implement the full deposit as well as the bonus in sports betting, while a minimum quota of 2,00 must be maintained.
11. Conclusion
The sports betting test showed that definitely is a serious and reliable bookmaker with Asian origin. German customers will be very inclined to hear that the bookmaker takes over the mandatory betting tax of 5% for its customers. Furthermore, the bookmaker managed to convince with decent odds and an extensive betting portfolio. Minor deductions had to be made during the sports betting comparison with regards to the rather limited set of payment options.
Comprehensive betting supply
Decent odds
No betting tax for German customers
No support hotline
Website and customer support not available in German
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