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Bets4All Review

1. General Information

The sports betting experience review showed that Bets4all is an Austrian bookmaker. The label is run by the Bets4All GmbH, which has merged just recently with the Cypriote company Polofon Trading Ltd. However, both companies are part of an even larger conglomerate, which is headed by the Dobets Sportwetten GmbH. The Dobets Sportwetten GmbH is the owner of the gambling license issued by the Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg, where the betting service offered by Bets4 All is also being regulated from.



2. About Registration

To register with Bets4All, customers first have to visit the website of the bookmaker under the domain Currently the site is available in seven different languages, including German. Here, users can find the button marked with „Register Now “on the top left side of the header. Clicking the button leads the customer to the registration form, where, as is usual with most other bookmakers as well, personal information such as name, date of birth and Email address have to be supplied, before the first bet can be placed at the Austrian bookmaker.

Nevertheless, it is of great importance to provide accurate and truthful personal information, especially with regards to personal name, address and Email address, because invalid data might lead to problems with the verification process concerning subsequent payout requests.

When all data has been entered, the registration can be submitted and users can make their first deposit. To use the betting service by Bets4All in the future, as was made evident during the sports betting comparison, users can then use their selected username and password to log-in to the portal at any time.


3. About the Website

The website of Bets4All is designed in a friendly and light blue color. It provides a decent structure and usability. Even less internet savvy users will be able to find their way around very quickly. Furthermore, the portal appeared modern and intuitive, as was shown during the sports betting comparison. A special feature of the Bets4All website clearly is its availability in seven different languages.


The head of the page contains three tabs that provide access to the different betting services of Bets4All. These tabs are separated from each other by color, with each color representing the live casino, the regular casino and the regular betting services. Below the header, the site contains a comprehensive and well-structured menu, which spans across the whole display size and is accentuated by a green bar that serves to distinguish the menu from the rest of the site. This menu contains betting options, a help section, deposit and withdrawal options, bonus offers and a form to contact customer support. In general, the website by Bets4All was reviewed as positive during the sports betting comparison, as it provides a decent structure and user experience, which allows even those less familiar with online sports betting to take part in the game.


4. Betting Supply and Odds

The sports betting comparison revealed that the betting supply of Bets4All could certainly do with some expansion in terms of width and depth of the betting portfolio, as only 11 different sports categories were available during the comparison. This supply can certainly not compete with many other providers on the market, as many times the portfolios of the competitors allow for 30 to 50 different betting categories. Even on weekends the betting offer doesn't exceed more than 1000 betting opportunities at Bets4All.

Although soccer fans will be quite satisfied with the bets offered by Bets4all, the general betting supply was reviewed rather negatively during the sports betting comparison. Consequently, Bets4All ranked at the lower end of the scale. However, at least with regards to soccer as a betting category, Bets4All does indeed present a perse betting portfolio, as all major international leagues and competitions are available. Furthermore, for those events up to 25 different betting options are available on a regular basis as well, which should suffice to satisfy the betting needs of hobby players and ambitious pastime gamblers all the while.

With regards to other sports categories, such as ice hockey and basketball, the betting supply can be described as solid, although clearly bets4all can't compete with other providers in this domain. The betting offers for tennis had to be reviewed as insufficient during the sports betting comparison.

The general level of odds at Bets4All can be described as interesting and solid, as the average quota key ranges around 93% to 94% at this provider. 



5. Live Betting

The bookmaker offers a live center with a perse live betting section. The general design of the live center clearly lacks a concise structure and thus leaves some room for improvements, as experienced live betting users might be appalled by the simplicity of the live betting area really quickly. Nevertheless, the betting supply for the live betting section is enormous, as it exceeds the regular betting portfolio offered by Bets4All by far.



6. Features and Tools

In the sports betting comparison, Bets4All was able to distinguish itself from competitive providers by offering its users the so called top-quota tool. By clicking on the „Results “button on the homepage of Bets4All, the customer is directed to this tool, which displays all available top-quota betting opportunities in a single list. Furthermore, users can transfer the desired events directly from the quota tool to their inpidual betting slips.

Another special feature offered by Bets4All is a designated menu, from where users can view their current account balance. This menu is located behind the button „Deposit/ Account “on the header of the Bets4All homepage.


7. Betting on Mobiles and Smart Devices

The web portal of bets4all can be accessed via desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Although no native app is available yet, customers of Bets4All can place their bets from mobile devices without loss of convenience, as the regular website has been optimized for mobile access.



8.  Customer Service

The official service times of the customer service at Bets4All are between 10am and 10pm. A telephone hotline is also available, although customers might need some patience before a member of the staff is actually free. Furthermore, the sports betting comparison revealed that the solutions provided by the staff don't always resemble the perfect way to fix an issue.



9. Payment Methods

For deposits, Bets4All offers the following payment options: credit card, bank transfer, Paysafecard and also Paybox, which is currently available in Austria only. Cash out requests can be transferred via bank transfer or cheque. Although all payment options are free of charge, the processing can take some time until completed, as was made evident during the sports betting comparison.



10. Bonus Offers

Bets4All offers new customers a bonus of 20 % for up to 200 Euro. However, to acquire the full bonus, the initial deposit must amount to 1000 Euro. In order to clear the bonus and request a cash out, customers must implement the initial deposit three times in sports bets whereby a minimum quota of 1.70 must be maintained.



11. Conclusion

Bets4All is a secure and reliable bookmaker with a little room for improvement concerning the general makeup of the betting portfolio



  • Well-structured website
  • Interesting and vast live betting supply



  • Lack of quality concerning customer support
  • Bonus conditions unrealistically high
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