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  • PROS: - Decent betting supply
    - Interesting odds on popular teams and favorites
    - Appealing bonus offers
  • CONS: - Average payout level at 91% only
    - Many payment options require processing fees

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Hamsterbet Review

1. General Information

The sports betting experience review showed that Hamsterbet is a rather young player on the online sports betting market, as the company was founded in 2011.

Hamsterbet, a spinoff of Interwetten, has its headquarters on Malta. The sports betting provider is in possession of a gambling license from the European state, which allows Hamsterbet to offer its services across Europe.



2. About Registration

The registration process at Hamsterbet was reviewed as simple during the sports betting comparison, as it is designed similarly to signing up with the affiliate partner Interwetten. To register at Hamsterbet, customers must first visit the website of the sports betting provider and click on the “Register” button. In the next step, new users must supply some personal information. It is of great importance to provide accurate and truthful information here, as incorrect data could lead to problems with subsequent cash out requests.


3. About the Website

The website of Hamsterbet was reviewed as tidy and modern during the sports betting test. Furthermore, it provided good usability. Upon entering the site, users are presented the promotion offers concerning the so called bestsellers. Below these most popular betting opportunities, Hamsterbet displays further betting opportunities such as live bets and last minute bets. Finally, on the bottom of the site, Hamsterbet displays an overview of the available bets within the next 24 hours.


In general, the homepage of Hamsterbet provides decent functionality. On the left side of the screen, users can choose a sports category to place bets on. As only the most popular categories are displayed here, users can extend the list of available categories by clicking the appropriate button, as was made evident in the sports betting comparison.



4. Betting Supply and Odds

Hamsterbet offers a decent betting portfolio. With regards to the popular sports soccer, tennis and volleyball, the betting supply even manages to succeed the portfolio of other providers. Concerning betting options on tennis games, Hamsterbet almost ranges within the top 10 providers on the whole market.


Of course, soccer is the other dominant sports category at this provider, as Hamsterbet offers a perse and extensive range of betting opportunities here. Apart from amateur leagues and competitions, Hamsterbet offers more than 20 different betting markets for soccer games in popular championships and European leagues as well. Furthermore, for popular European competitions such as the Europa and Champions League, often times more than 50 different betting options are available, too.


The sports betting test also showed that even handicap- or Asian handicap bets are possible at Hamsterbet. With more than 25 available sports categories at Hamsterbet, customers of this provider are offered an average of almost 60.000 betting opportunities per month.


The quota level at Hamsterbet ranges in the low midfield of the sports betting comparison, as an average quota key of 91 % across all available sports categories doesn't allow for a better rank. However, a little exception to this are the quotas on popular teams such as Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, as the odds on these teams may exceed the quotas for other teams by more than 20 %, as was shown in the sports betting test.



5. Live Betting

The live betting section of Hamsterbet can definitely be regarded as a major strength of this bookmaker, as Hamsterbet clearly copied some essential characteristics from its affiliate partner Interwetten. Although Hamsterbet doesn't offer a secluded live betting section, users only have to wait a couple of seconds before the live betting menu loads up in a separate window. Here, customers are presented with up to 100 different live betting opportunities per day, whereby a strong focus is clearly put on soccer and tennis games, as was made evident in the sports betting comparison.


6. Features and Tools

The special features of this bookmaker can be seen especially in the live betting section of Hamsterbet. Here, users can select the “My Games” option, upon which all currently running bets that the user participates in are displayed in a separate window. In the “Live Conference” section, all live games that a user has visited during a session are displayed and can be reviewed at any time. Finally, Hamsterbet also offers a live betting calendar, which has a built in reminder for future bets.


7. Betting on Mobiles and Smart Devices

Unfortunately, the young bookmaker Hamsterbet doesn't offer a service for betting on mobiles and smart devices, yet.


8.  Customer Service

Customer service at Hamsterbet was reviewed as solid during the sports betting comparison, although the bookmaker doesn't offer a distinct customer support but relies on the service provided by its partner Mybet. However, since the customer service at Mybet has been reviewed as competent, fast and friendly during the sports betting comparison already, these traits also apply to the customer service provided for Hamsterbet.

9. Payment Methods


The sports betting comparison showed that Hamsterbet charges a fee of 2 to 3 percent for some payment options. Bank transfer and Sofortüberweisung are free of charge, except for multiple transactions within one week. For security reasons, the very first cash out request can only be processed through the bank account of the respective customer.

Cash out requests via Moneybookers contain a 2% fee. Nevertheless, all transactions at Hamsterbet are processed quickly and securely.


10. Bonus Offers

In the sports betting test, the bonus offers of Hamsterbet were reviewed as decent. New customers are offered a bonus of up to 100 Euro. The regulations to clear the bonus are quite decent as well. Furthermore, Hamsterbet also offers regular promotions and bonuses for regular customers, too.


11. Conclusion

In the sports betting comparison, Hamsterbet was reviewed as an interesting young bookmaker with an attractive sports betting portfolio and lucrative bonus offers for new customers as well as for regular users. Minor deductions had to be made with regards to payment options and the general level of odds.







  • Decent betting supply
  • Interesting odds on popular teams and favorites
  • Appealing bonus offers


  • Average payout level at 91% only
  • Many payment options require processing fees
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