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  • PROS: - very good betting offer
    - stable betting odds
  • CONS: - no bonus program for new customers

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Marathonbet Review

1. General information about the operator

The British online based bookmaker Marathonbet was already founded in the year 1997, as the sports betting test detected. Therefore, the operator can benefit from its longstanding experience on the international betting market. Nevertheless, the sports betting test found out that the bookmaker is still more or less nameless on the central European market. Although the betting program is really large scaled and interesting, a lot of customers hesitate and doubt the betting environment, as the license of the bookmaker Marathonbet was issued on the Caribbean island Curacao.



2. Registration information

The sports betting test proves that Marathonbet pays a high level of attention to the security regulations. Therefore, the bookmaker does not accept that betting fans access the portfolio or place bets, without completing the registration procedure of Marathonbet. The fastest and most uncomplicated way to get this process done is the online based version presented on the website of Marathonbet. The access to the registration formula, which takes only a few minutes to get completed, is presented in shape of a text link button on the starting page. By clicking on this button, the customer gets directed immediately to the formula. The bookmaker Marathonbet requires the entry of several personal data.

The customer has to provide title, full name, birthdate, nationality as well as a valid contact address. It is obligatory that all data has to be absolutely correct and true. Otherwise unsolvable inconveniences might occur later on. Usually up on the first requested pay out, the bookmaker Marathonbet requests a document to verify the identity. In case the real data are not identic with the provided data, the operator has the full right to refuse a pay out or even to exclude the customer from accessing the portfolio and services at any time. During the registration procedure, the betting fan can adjust several setting to the personal needs. For instance it can be chosen between different time zones, currencies and types of odds. Moreover, the new betting fan can decide either to receive the newsletter of Marathonbet or not. It is essential to confirm in the registration procedure that the new customer has read the agreement referring the valid terms and conditions, including the youth protection legality, of the bookmaker. The registration is completed as soon as the new registered customer receives a welcome email. The sports betting test recommends to place the first deposit immediately after completing the registration procedure, in order to ensure the ability to join the bonus program of Marathonbet. As soon as the deposit is added to the balance of the users account, the betting fun can get started.


3. Website information

The sports betting test analysed that the website presentation of the bookmaker Marathonbet differs from the online presentations of other operators in several details and aspects. However, the betting fan can use these aspects to his own comfort, as long as this advantage can be used.

One of the advantages is definitely the fact, that betting fans have the possibility to continue playing the so called open betting options, which can lead to winnings. The sports betting test describes the fact as very interesting that even if the open bets are being lost, the player will receive back all the resulting costs of the loss. The sports betting test describes this option as a Cashback-guarantee, which is very useful and impressive for the betting fans. As the risk to lose referring the open betting option is not only limited, it is actually completely excluded. On the website of Marathonbet the betting fans can find a lot of detailed content regarding these special betting options and the connected conditions. The sports betting test advises to study these rules exactly before starting.

The website of the bookmaker Marathonbet is in general designed very friendly and inviting. The structure is clear and well organised, which is highly appreciated by the betting fans. As they can access all content of the portfolio through the intuitive navigation without meeting any inconveniences.


4. Betting offer and betting odds of the bookmaker

The sports betting test classified the betting portfolio of Marathonbet already at first sight as invincible. No other operating bookmaker on the whole international sports betting market is providing such attractive online betting options connected with an indescribable fun level. Very extensive offers of mainstream bets are detected in the sports betting analysis. The selection of the popular soccer betting options of Marathonbet is really overwhelming. This aspect proves that the British bookmaker follows the trends of the market, in order to meet the expectations of the customers and to be up-to-date at any time. The big number of mainstream disciplines gets rounded up by several interesting special betting options and a lottery section as well as an online casino.

The pay-out key of Marathonbet gets certified by the sports betting test as lucrative, even though, it is settled around the average. The odd key reaches a level of 93 percent; thereby the operator can be placed in the upper middle class of the rating regarding this component. In general, the sports betting test is very impressed by the available betting offer, in connection with stable and secure betting odds.



5. The live betting program

The sports betting test found out that the live centre of Marathonbet offers betting options in the live mode 24/7. Not available in this section are only classic mainstream sports, but also eSports, golf, table tennis and badminton. The live centre is structured very functional; therefore, it is really easy to place bets in a comfortable atmosphere, without any long loading times. Although in the sports betting test the option of a live stream is missing, the overall performance of the live betting program of Marathonbet is more than convenient.


6. Special features

A very special feature of the bookmaker is the aspect, that Marathonbet puts a very important focus on the subjects gambling addiction and youth protection. The operator does its best to provide a lot of content and information to support preventing gambling addictions. Furthermore, the operator makes sure by several security steps that no person under the age of 18 can enter the betting portfolio. The seriousness and security of the betting environment is the highest priority of Marathonbet.


7. Mobile betting program

It is very obvious that Marathonbet is a very customer orientated operator. To adapt to the current market trend and to meet the needs of the customers, an excellent mobile betting program was developed by the bookmaker. Betting fans with mobile devices, operated by iOS or Android can comfortably download the application from the application store of the provider. After installing the app on the mobile device, the betting fun can get started without any obstacles. For customers with mobile devices, run by different operating systems or for those who do not want to download and install software on their device, the mobile optimised website is a very appropriate solution. It displays the whole betting portfolio and services of Marathonbet. The mobile betting program is very satisfying for customers as well as in the sports betting test.



8. Customer service

The customer service of Marathonbet gets certified by the sports betting test as excellent. Beside a very extensive and well-structured FAQ section on the homepage of the bookmaker, an integrated service engine can responds to general inquiries and standard questions immediately. In case the customer needs a personal support, the service is reachable by telephone hotline, by live chat or by submitting an email. According to the service level agreement, which the operator Marathonbet joins, all requests will be responded within a maximum of 12 hours.


9. Payment methods

The sports betting test detects while analysing, that the payment portfolio of Marathonbet is complete and includes more than sufficient options. Beside the classic bank transfer, credit cards and the modern eWallets, also the very popular anonymous prepaid-method Paysafecard is available. A recognisable deficit is definitely that the online payment service PayPal cannot be used yet to handle transactions. The reason for that is that the bookmaker did not receive a legal license form the German state Schleswig-Holstein yet, which is necessary to provide PayPal as payment method in Germany. Nevertheless the payment portfolio is very convenient for the sports betting fans as well as the test.


10. Bonus program

A recognisable deficit in the sports betting test is that Marathonbet does not offer a bonus system for new registered customers. Nevertheless, the bookmaker provides special promotions to its regular customers from time to time, offering several free bet options. Therefore, a registration can be recommended, even there is no bonus on the first step, and afterwards attractive options might appear.


11. Conclusion

The betting offer of Marathonbet is definitely the main power of the bookmaker, in direct connection the website which presents several advantages and lucrative options. For betting fans especially the Cashback option is very interesting as well as the large scaled betting offer with stable odds. The sports betting test can highly recommend Marathonbet to the betting fans, based on the collected information and the detailed analysis.


- very good betting offer

- stable betting odds


- no bonus program for new customers



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