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  • PROS: - Safe and secure, since run by the German government
    - Payouts can be requested in Cash in the stationary betting shops
    - Solid odds
  • CONS: - No live center
    - No mobile app
    - No bonus offers

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Oddset Review

1. General Information

Oddset is a well-established and renowned bookmaker, as was made evident in the sports betting experience review. The company is licensed in and regulated from Germany, so customers won't have to be afraid of security or legal issues with Oddset. The bookmaker provides two different betting options, the KOMPAKT option and the PLUS option. The sports betting test showed that both options are well suited to meet the demands of regular users. Navigation of the website is very user friendly, and thus Oddset was reviewed as a well suited provider for newcomers in the sports betting field, as was made evident in the sports betting test.



2. About Registration

To participate in sports betting at Oddset, customers are required to register and open an account at the provider, which can be done completely free. Apart from supplying the usual, accurate and truthful personal information, the registration process can be completed within a few minutes. Oddset is in possession of gambling licenses from various federal states of Germany, so questions of reliability and security of data must not even arise with the German bookmaker.


3. About the Website

The services offered by Oddset can be used online as well as in stationary betting shops. Oddset is extremely recommendable for placing bets on big events, such as World Championships, European Championships and the like. For these major events, Oddset regularly offers special promotions, which are seamlessly integrated into the PLUS and KOMPAKT options. Consequently, this provides for a great usability of the website, which was regarded very positively in the sports betting comparison.


In general, Oddset provides a clear structural design, which even allows for less internet savvy users to participate conveniently at the services offered by the German bookmaker. Current events and news are displayed permanently, allowing for customers to gather all necessary data without having to resort to research over various channels.


4. Betting Supply and Odds


The sports betting test revealed that the whole betting portfolio of Oddset is pided into the two categories KOMPAKT and PLUS. Also the various betting options are available here, such as combinational bets, systemic bets, bets on final scores, double chance bets, half-time bets and many more. The different betting options may also be combined by the user.

The odds provided by Oddset were reviewed as decent during the sports betting comparison, as they range below the general average of most other big players in the field. However, for customers who are keen on sports betting with a secure and reliable provider, Oddset certainly is the right choice. Since Oddset is subject to the rules and regulations of the German state, the provider is not allowed to promote bonuses and the like.


5. Live Betting

Contrary to other popular bookmakers, Oddset doesn't provide a live betting section at all. This is also related to legal issues concerning the regulations of German law, especially since all sports betting activities with Oddset are tied to a deadline, which is usually scheduled a few minutes before the start of a game or event.


6. Features and Tools

Customers of Oddset can place their bets online and in stationary betting shops. Another special feature of this bookmaker clearly is the pision of the betting service in the two categories KOMPAKT and PLUS, as customers can adapt to different budget limitations and other prerequisites with regards to one of the respective choices. Also, customers can find regularly updated news on the website of Oddset. The provider also offers an extensive explanation on how to fill out the betting slip and provides a reminder function which alerts users about new and upcoming betting opportunities.



7. Betting on Mobiles and Smart Devices

Unfortunately, Oddset doesn't offer a mobile app for customers who want to place bets from mobiles and smart devices. This led to minor deductions during the sports betting test, as this feature is almost mandatory with most other sports betting providers on the market. Hence, in this respect Oddset clearly has some room for improvements, especially with regards to the ever growing numbers of customers who don't want to miss out on any opportunity for sports betting, particularly while on the move or because access through a desktop PC is not possible for some reason.



8.  Customer Service

Oddset provides a contact list for its customers. The list is pided by the federal states of Germany and can be downloaded from the Oddset website. In general, customer service at Oddset was reviewed as competent and quick during the sports betting comparison. A bonus point was awarded because Oddset staff can be contacted directly in one of the many stationary betting shops throughout Germany as well, as this is a feature that only few other competitors offer its customers.


9. Payment Methods

Deposits can be made only via bank transfer at Oddset. Cash out requests may be processed via bank transfer or in one of the stationary betting shops. 


10. Bonus Offers

Since Oddset is not a privately owned sports betting provider, no bonus offers are available at all, since this would pose a clear violation of several laws in Germany.


11. Conclusion

Oddset can be regarded as a secure and reliable sports betting provider. The stationary betting shops allow for cash payouts.


  • Safe and secure, since run by the German government
  • Payouts can be requested in Cash in the stationary betting shops
  • Solid odds


  • No live center
  • No mobile app
  • No bonus offers


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